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On this page you will find more information about how you can support Off the table.

We’ve included downloadable visual assets for you to help us spread the word.

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Download and share one of the social media tiles below to pledge your commitment to keep open-net farmed salmon off the table. Don’t forget to tag your favourite chef or restaurant and we’ll get a message out to them to join the campaign!

Here’s our suggested message to get you started:

I’ve taken farmed salmon #Offthetable


Find out more: @wildfishcons

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Help us spread the word on social media. Download the social media tiles and post them to your profile telling your followers why farmed salmon is an unsustainable menu chocie. For help writing your post visit Get the facts.

Don’t forget to tag @wildfishcons and at least one chef or restaurant in your post.

Flyer Distribution

We’ve created a flyer that explains why farmed salmon is an unsustainable menu choice.

Download the flyer and share it with your favourite chef, local restaurant and your friends and family.


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